Cost Savings

Coir Atlas products work effectively, delivering cost savings in both direct and indirect ways.
With Coir Atlas products, goods can be shipped undamaged, unloading becomes a predictable
operation, less material is needed, labour costs incurred in handling Coir Atlas units is
less, and concerns of pilferage are mitigated.

Goods will be shipped undamaged

In tests, trials and repeated use, Coir  Atlas products have ensured that steel sheets, plates
and coils reach their destination as packed at the point of origin. This means that the steel
sheets do not slip or get scratched. Lesser damage means lesser cost.

Unloading will become predictable

When goods reach their destination safe and as packed, unloading is predictable and goes as per
plan. The sheets or plates no longer have to be unloaded sheet by sheet. This saves unloading
costs that are unanticipated but frequent in reality.

Less material will be needed

Coir Atlas products are smaller in size than the wooden scantlings they replace. This means less
material is needed for shipping, when compared to scantlings. This translates into cost savings.

Bamboo will be lighter for labour

Bmboo is much lighter than wood. As a result, labour can handle Coir Atlas products with ease
and in less time. This adds its bit to save costs for you.

Bamboo will not be pilfered

Wood scantlings are often stolen for their value as timber. With bamboo, such a concern does not exist as bamboo is available in plenty and normally not pilfered. Less loss is less cost.