Proven Efficacy

Coir Atlas products have proved their effectiveness not only in tests but also in trials after trial in the real world.
Leading steel manufacturers have put our products through rigorous trials and evaluated performance
against high expectations. Our products have come through these trials with excellent results.

Coir Atlas products suit road and rail transport

In its letter dated 30th April, 2001, Tata Steel says:

“Extensive trials have been done by dispatching consignments by road as well as by railway and this
has found the product’s performance technically satisfactory.”

In its letter dated 5th June, 2003, SAIL says:

“The Coir Atlas was used in case of sheets and plates for despatch to various destinations and 160 railway wagons loaded with plates and sheets having Coir Atlas in place of wood scantlings have been despatched. The wagons reached their destination successfully.”  

Coir Atlas products can handle long distances

As a part of extensive cross-country trials, two trucks each with a tonnage of approx. 18 MT (55,000 pounds) of steel sheets were loaded on 7th April, 1998 and despatched from Jamshedpur to Bharatpur. The route covered all kinds of possible terrain passing through valleys and mountains / bad roads / National Highways etc. covering a total distance of approx. 2000 km. (1250 miles).

The consignment reached its destination on 15th April, 1998 and the Area Sales Manager of Tata Steel at Jaipur Sales office had the following comment about the use of Coir-Atlas:

"...the feedback from our Stockyard-Incharge is positive. The material has been received in good condition without any damage to the bundling as well as packing. Normally when these heavy packets are placed on wooden runners, due to jolting of the truck, the packets slide and results in damage to the bundling as well as packing. This material however, seems to have better grip and there was no sliding of the packets."

Coir Atlas products keep goods safe and undamaged

Tata Steel found that the material shipped using Coir Atlas “...has been received in good condition without any damage to the bundling as well as packing.”

Another Tata Steel trial reports “We are glad to inform you that consignment reached its destination, Jammu in good condition …”

Trial at JSW Steel Ltd
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Trial at Essar Steel Ltd
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