The Beginning: Innovating an Effective, Green Alternative

In 1998, Coir Atlas was born as an answer to the call by Tata Steel for a green, eco-friendly alternative to conventional timber packaging products (variously known as wood scantlings or wood separators or wood runners or wood dunnages). Initially developed as a composition of bamboo and coir fabric, Coir Atlas was successfully tested by Tata Steel. More sustainable and more effective than conventional wood, Coir Atlas became the green alternative to wood dunnages.

Testing and Proving Coir Atlas Products

Since then, we have developed a jute variation of Coir Atlas, which is more cost effective for our customers. In 2002, Bokaro Steel began piloting Coir Atlas (Jute Variant) and successfully transported 400+ wagonloads. Further validation came from IIT Kharagpur and Indian Value Engineering Society in 2005, who lab tested and certified the strength of the product.

Other products, such as Coil Carrier, were also developed to provide a wider range of sustainable solutions for our customers. These efforts were recognized by industry when Coir Atlas’ founder, Himanshu Sheth received the prestigious Lockheed Martin’s India Innovation Award in 2008. Other advocacy and non-profit organizations, such as the World Wildlife Foundation have praised Coir Atlas for its innovative products.  

Developing a Socially Responsible Business

In 2009, Coir Atlas was selected by Villgro Innovations Foundation for incubation as a social enterprise. Under the support of Villgro, Coir Atlas has restarted after a break in production since 2003. Learn more about the Coir Atlas-Villgro partnership.

Our new women group workshop in Jamshedpur provides much needed fair wage employment opportunities. As Coir Atlas continues to grow, we remain committed to our core missions of providing sustainable timber alternatives through a socially responsible business model.

Himanshu Sheth, Innovator

Himanshu Sheth is a marketing consultant / solution provider with 20+ years of experience. He is the patent holder of Coir Atlas products.