Why Coir Atlas

Coir Atlas products have been carefully developed as highly need-based,
user-centric alternatives to address the range of problems that wood scantlings
pose to manufacturers, resellers and transport operators. Our range solves a spectrum
of issues, including operational questions of availability, need for greater effectiveness,
the cost factor and broader questions of environmental and social impact.

Substitutes Scantlings

Eliminate worries of adequate, timely and long-term supply that wood scantlings pose

Cost Savings

Save on a number of costs – from direct material cost to indirect  costs

Scientifically Tested

Be sure with a solution tested for suitability, load and strength while shipping


Proven Efficacy

Use with any mode of transport over long distances with high level of safety

Green Technology

Go green with a readily available and replenishable bamboo-jute solution

Social Impact

Generate sizeable employment through manufacture of our products